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Will the length of the data line affect the charging speed? Release time:【2017-4-28】 Browse times【5927】 【Print】【Back
Data cable is a very important part of our mobile phone accessories, and it has gradually become an indispensable necessity in life. When buying a mobile phone, there will be a data line, but because of the length of the data line, some people will be equipped with or buy longer or shorter data line backup. For example, a 2-meter long data line can be charged at the head of the bed, and a particularly short one can be put in the bag, which is convenient to carry out. So, the question comes, how should the data line choose, is to choose a longer one, or a shorter one?
In theory, the smaller the loss of the wire, the better. The longer the length of the data cable, the greater its resistance, corresponding to the charging speed will be slower, and the shorter the data line, the faster the charging. So there's no denying that if you charge a phone with a 2-meter cable and a 1-meter cable at the same time, the 1-meter cable will charge faster. However, the shorter the cable, the better. Even if cable length matters, there's no reason to buy the shortest cable for fear of choking. Short data line will bring us a lot of inconvenience, such as squatting in the corner to charge the phone, it is estimated that you have this feeling of oppression, short data line will bring inconvenience to our life and use. However, with the rapid development of technology, does the length of the data line still bother you? The problem of line resistance is not big. If you buy a regular brand data line, even if it is 5 meters, the effect of line resistance caused by the length can be ignored. So in the final analysis, it is still a problem of brand quality. Choose a regular data line, even if the length is long, it does not affect the use.
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